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2022 may be quick with throwing a curveball, but The Blinders have been even quicker. With a brand new line-up and stunning sound, Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1) was released in January of this year and it is phenomenal. The five-track EP marks the start of something new and it’s left fans hungry for more. However, with so much change comes even more questions like ‘What’s next?’ or “What is Electric Kool-Aid?’ Here at Bring The Noise UK, we’ve got the answers. We sat with vocalist, Thomas Haywood, and bassist, Charlie McGough, to catch up and see what’s on the cards for 2022.

We saw the release of Electric Kool-Aid back in January, how has it been received by fans? Does anything stand out to you in this release?  

Tom: A lot of it is us just playing around with the new line-up, new sounds with new musicians. It has been a process over lockdown, for sure, but it’s coming together now. Electric Kool-Aid is the beginning of a definitive direction for us. It’s an unorthodox way of doing things but we’re looking forward to what’s to come.

Charlie: The reaction has been positive and with this being the biggest change in our sound, we couldn’t have asked for better.

You guys are inspired by the likes of IDLES, Joy Division, Bad Seeds and Arctic Monkeys. What’s in your Spotify Cycle right now?

C: Black Country, New Road‘s new album (Ants from Up There). It will be in my rotation for a while. 

T: It’s hard to say as Spotify changes constantly as does my music taste. Quite depressing stuff, I guess. I like what I like. Music has that particular feeling with certain songs that you just can’t get with others. Right now, Wonder Horse are the first that come to mind.

You had an EP Launch in Manchester at the day&night cafe, what was your favourite part? Did you play ABBA at the DJ set?

T A little bit too much ABBA. Although, you can never have a bit too much ABBA. Only too little.

C: It was a great show! It was the first place we’ve played in Manchester. Nice independent venue. To see the reaction to our EP in full, in front of a crowd, was a great feeling.

If you were to make an actual drink of Electric Kool-Aid, what would go into it?

T: A thunderstorm in a bottle…that is legal? Has to be legal. Best way to describe it.

C: Definitely sugary, has to be. Caffeinated, sugary, the lot. 

You guys are headlining the Social with Jack Saunders and touring in March with The Cribs, how are you feeling? Anything you can tell us now?

C: It’s going to be really cool to play to crowds again and win over certain fans we haven’t seen before. Even the show itself is just an amazing opportunity.

T: It’s the best way to kick off the new chapter, playing venues like The Academy. They’re some of the biggest venues to date.

If you could stop anywhere on tour, where would it be?

C: We’re trying to travel with the band as much as possible. If I had to name anywhere, I’d say Japan, Heard a few crazy stories from there.

T: Stories play a big part in that. If I were to travel anywhere, it would most likely be somewhere that’s an experience.

What should we expect from The Blinders in 2022?

T: More music. We don’t have intentions of staying in one place for long as it’s incredibly boring, and with the new line-up that’s amplified and sped up. We’re quite like-minded people.

C: We’ll be sharing music in ways we’ve never done before and documenting every second. It’s a big year.

Interview by: Mya Brown

The Blinders‘ new EP Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1) is out now, available to stream or purchase HERE

See The Blinders live at one of the following dates:

March 2022

Tue 1st – BIRMINGHAM – O2 Institute (w/ The Cribs)
Wed 2nd – NORWICH – Waterfront (w/ The Cribs)
Fri 4th – SHEFFIELD – Academy (w/ The Cribs)
Sun 6th – MANCHESTER – Academy (w/ The Cribs)
Tue 8th – NEWCASTLE – Boiler Shop (w/ The Cribs)
Wed 9th – GLASGOW – SWG3 (w/ The Cribs)
Fri 11th – LONDON – Roundhouse (w/ The Cribs)
Sat 12th – BRIGHTON – Chalk (w/ The Cribs)
Sun 13th – BRISTOL – Marble Factory (w/ The Cribs)
Tue 15th – LONDON – The Social (headline show)

April 2022

Sun 17th – LIVERPOOL – Futurama Festival 

Tickets for the headline show are on sale HERE. Tickets for The Cribs tour are on sale HERE