MUSIC NEWS: As It Is Release Two New Singles ‘ILY, HOW ARE YOU?’ & ‘IDC, I CAN’T TAKE IT’

As It Is have released two news singles, ILY, HOW ARE YOU? and IDC, I CAN’T TAKE IT.

The pair acts as a ‘call and response’ duo, with them offering different perspectives. “‘ILY, HOW ARE YOU?’ is a ‘check in’ anthem. It’s for everybody waking up and going through your day telling everybody you’re great, when you’re not. It’s still okay not to be okay. Check in on your friends.” says the band. 

They continue: “IDC, I CAN’T TAKE IT is a ‘fuck you’ party anthem. It’s for everybody going out of their way and caring the most but not getting the same in return. Some people won’t appreciate your presence until they feel the weight of your absence and that’s okay. Don’t let anyone take your peace. Let go, move on, and put yourself out of your own misery. It’s liberating.”

Both the tracks are set to feature on the band’s fourth album which is set for release in early 2022.

You can stream ILY, HOW ARE YOU? here and IDC, I CAN’T TAKE IT from here.

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