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EP REVIEW: Creeper – American Noir

Since exploding onto the scene in 2017 with Eternity, in Your Arms, Creeper have blown fans away with their blend of emo lyricism and huge choruses. Following this up with the incredible theatrical Sex, Death, & the Infinite Void which went further to cement Creeper’s place as one of THE bands to watch.

Their latest effort American Noir will undoubtedly continue the bands ascendancy. Anthemic choruses, beautiful riffs, and lyrics that are edgy enough to please any teenager at the peak of their emo phase all combine to make this fantastic EP.

The interval tracks that are slowly becoming almost iconic to Creeper are ever-present in this EP. Midnight Militia’s altered spoken word vocals about a suspenseful dream that lead singer Will Gould endured, The Drowning Room’s ambient soundtrack which seems perfect fit for a ghost film, Frozen Nights’ eerie synth that leads you to believe that the ending of American Noir is perhaps the start of something bigger, are all key components to any great Creeper release.

In terms of the ‘proper’ songs on this record, lead single Midnight puts an exclamation mark on everything Creeper do so damn well. Gould’s immense talent for choruses is on full display as he exclaims “You taste so sweet for such a bitter heart!”. This is combined with lush piano pieces and wonderful vocals provided by Hannah Greenwood that complement Gould’s voice so well.

This is on display again in the more subtle America At Night which would be the perfect song for a Creeper musical which surely has to occur someday in the future. The guitar tone Ian Miles creates is almost similar to AM-era Arctic Monkeys in the way that their slow riffs sound rather sexually enticing.

Onto more of an upbeat track, Ghosts Over Calvary has an awesome bass tone that runs through the verse until Greenwood sings “I’ve got evil running through my veins” in what is maybe the best chorus on this record, and that is saying something. It’s a track that will have fans singing like people who have become possessed by Creeper.

One Of Us sees the welcome return of the AM-style guitar riffs in the chorus. Lyrics of “Put your hand in mine and I’ll kiss away the pain” will always please the masses and undoubtedly end up inked on some of the many that make up the dedicated Creeper cult. The violin section in the latter part of this track is also a really nice touch.

Let me hold your hand as the world burns” is another vintage Creeper line that begins Damned and Doomed, and let’s be honest, we’re all a sucker for. The soothing ballad finishes off the EP in a calming manner and feels very much like a perfect track to finish the night, and this EP on.

Creeper’s latest effort is undoubtedly a massive success and will continue the band’s momentum, and certainly expand the Creeper cult going forward into their next record, where the sky really is the limit.


Standout Tracks: Midnight, America At Night, Ghosts Over Cavalry.

For Fans Of: My Chemical Romance, Holding Absence, Neck Deep

Written by: Joe Loughran

Tags : Creeper