MUSIC NEWS: Hollow Front Release New Single ‘Treading Water’

Photo Credit: Eric Overway

Hollow Front have released their new single Treading Water, following their 2020 album Loose Threads.

“It’s a song about being dragged under by the negative thoughts in your head and always feeling like you’re taking one step forward and ten steps back,” says vocalist Tyler Tate. “It describes that feeling of drowning in your life, but always fighting and clawing your way back up to the surface, and not believing all the negative things your mind is telling you because you have a purpose to fulfil.

“It’s one of my favourite songs that we’ve ever written and I’m absolutely thrilled to release it for the world to hear. ‘Treading Water’ is the first big step towards releasing the best material we’ve created this far in our careers.”

Like what you hear? Treading Water is out now via UNFD, available to stream or purchase HERE

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