VIDEO NEWS: GOST Releases Video For New Single ‘A Fleeting Whisper’

GOST has revealed a video for his new single A Fleeting Whisper, taken from his forthcoming album Rites of Love and Reverence

“A Fleeting Whisper is an homage to not only navigating spirituality but simply being human,” GOST explains. “The uncertainty of life makes living both beautiful and terrifying. We all carry around so many similar insecurities and feelings of doubt in this modern digital age. A time in our history which promises ultimate connectivity seems, all too often, to leave many of us feeling increasingly disconnected and alone. Music has always been a way for us to forget our differences and come together as a species. Personally, music has been the one true constant in my life and in many ways, the only true spirituality I have found solace in. Like a fleeting whisper, sometimes almost undetectable, music ties the events of my life together.”

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Rites of Love and Reverence is due for release on 13th August 2021 via Century Media Records

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