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MUSIC FEATURE: Behind The Noise – Ghost Iris

Danish metalcore quartet Ghost Iris are back with fourth album Comatose, their most visceral material to date. The band have offered a glimpse into record ahead of the release with a series of singles, including the recent cult. We caught up with vocalist Jesper Vicencio Gün to find out more about the track, including the writing process, themes and stories from behind the scenes. 

Can you give us your quick elevator pitch on this track? Why does this one standout for you?

There once were a number of people that laid themselves to rest, in order to “graduate” to the next level. What happens when human beings blindly follow one other human being? It’s a song that dives into the dangers of not questioning everything and the fact that no one is above scrutiny, not even kings or queens. In a post-factual society, this is even more evident. cult stands out because out of the four singles, this one has an overarching softer sound.

How did you tackle the writing process for the song? Was there anything unique about this track compared to your usual/previous approach? 

To be honest, this song came about pretty much in the same way as the majority of out other songs. We have a very definite way of writing music. It starts out with Nicklas bringing in the riffs and then Sebastian adds drums and then Nicklas and I (Jesper) sit down with the lyrics I’ve written and write melodies and flows.

Can you tell us how the song’s theme came about? 

The theme in this song was a result of myself thinking of the absurdity that is cults. The fact that people blindly will follow without scrutinising their “prophet”. As mentioned in the elevator pitch, in this post-factual society we all inhabit, the evidence is staggering.

Tell us about the video, do the themes of the single transfer to the video? 

The video in itself is not to be taken literally. The person you see praying with a cross on their forehead, is mere symbolism. Furthermore it is more of an abstract video, full of imagery that compliments the lyrical theme.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories from the video shoot?

It’s a lyrical video, so I’d say no :D

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Thank you to the ones who listen to our music. Without you, we might as well not make music, so thank you all very much! Remember to check us out on tour in November and December with Skywalker and InVisions throughout Europe!

Comatose is due for release on 7th May 2021 via Long Branch Records, available to pre-order HERE.

See Ghost Iris on tour supporting InVisions at one of the following dates:

December 2021

Fri 10th – LEEDS – The Key Club 
Sat 11th – GLASGOW – The Garage Attic 
Sun 12th – NEWCASTLE – Think Tank 
Mon 13th – NOTTINGHAM – The Old Salutation 
Tue 14th – SWANSEA – Sin City 
Wed 15th – BRISTOL – Rough Trade
Fri 17th – LONDON – Boston Music Room 
Sat 18th – MANCHESTER – The Star & Garter 
Sun 19th – BIRMINGHAM – Mama Roux’s 

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