VIDEO NEWS: Climate Live Share Declan McKenna ‘British Bombs’ Live Performance Video

Photo Credit: Climate Live – Oscar Blair

Declan McKenna performed his first live show of 2021 on Saturday (24th April 2021) as part of Climate Live, on a boat outside the Houses of Parliament. A live performance video of British Bombs has been shared ahead of the full set, which is being premiered on 28th April 2021 at 8pm BST.  

Climate Live‘s 24-hour live stream launched their youth-led global climate concerts, which are set to take place on 16th October 2021 in over 40 countries. Led by members of Fridays for Future youth climate groups, the event will see artists, activists and young people worldwide come together via music, to unite in the fight against climate change. McKenna joined in the rallying cry to world leaders “Can You Hear Us Yet?”, empowering younger people to use their voices to put pressure on those in higher positions to take action.

The question I’d ask world leaders is what disaster are we waiting for? There’s so much reason and so much cause to change the way we’re doing things right now and why wait? Why wait to act on this? We really are already seeing the impacts of climate change, of temperatures rising all around the world. We are already seeing the impact of pollution, the impact of all of this stuff for many years now – why wait? Why wait to do something massive?” says McKenna.

Check out British Bombs below.

A number of other special live performances took place across the globe on Saturday, including in Japan, Uganda, Netherlands, Mexico, Sweden and Canada. Check out all the international performances and actions HERE. The line-up and venues for Climate Live‘s October concerts will be announced soon, so keep your eyes on the Climate Live website HERE

Declan McKenna‘s full set will stream on 28th April 2021 at 8pm BST, available to view HERE.

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