MUSIC NEWS: AFI Release ‘Twisted Tongues & ‘Escape From Los Angeles’

Photo Credit: Jacob Boll

AFI have released two new songs, Twisted Tongues and Escape From Los Angeles. The tracks are the band’s first new music since their 2018 EP The Missing Man

“As I recall, Twisted Tongues came of the Blood era and was the first piece of music we explored on the new album,” vocalist Davey Havok explains. “The dreaminess of the music lyrically inspired themes of unforeseen severance. It is a pining song of being set adrift by those who once feigned to share the same anchors.

Los Angeles, like most of my loves, is imbued with a darkness and radiance. Musically, Escape from Los Angeles called for my own vantage to this classic theme of the city’s dichotomous allure.”  

“Anyone who knows our catalogue knows that no two records really sit together,” adds guitarist Jade Puget“Some sit a little closer, maybe. We do certain things, just by virtue of who we are, that are consistent, but those things come about organically. Every time we do something, I have to judge it on its own merits. Some fans are going to judge a new album, or a new song, based on what’s come before. But as artists, we can’t do that, because it would only hinder our creativity.” 

Like what you hear? Twisted Tongues and Escape From Los Angeles are out now via Rise Records, available to stream or purchase HERE

AFI have also announced a limited 7″ vinyl featuring both singles – pre-orders are available HERE

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