VIDEO NEWS: Blackout Problems Release Video For New Single ‘BROTHER’

Blackout Problems have released a video for their new single BROTHER, taken from their forthcoming album DARK.

I couldn’t believe it’d been five years since I last saw one of my best friends from school, so I picked up the phone. We started talking and automatically picked up the conversation where we probably left it off a few years ago, except life had completely changed for the both of us,” explains frontman/guitarist Mario Radetzky.
“We had both driven our big post-school relationships into madness, went through a hole afterwards and did the whole growing up thing apart from one another – “There’s more to love if you do it, brother“ – Growing up together and growing apart from each other when life and love throws things at you is what our song BROTHER is about.”

DARK is due for release on 15th January 2021 via Sony Music/Music For Nations, available to pre-order HERE

Blackout Problems have also released the second episode of their DARK DAYS – THE DOCUMENTARY series, check it out HERE

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