VIDEO NEWS: Bad/Love Release New Single ‘Social Suicide’ Featuring Ken Koie Of Crossfaith

Bad/Love have released a video for their new single Social Suicide, featuring Ken Koie of Crossfaith

“Young women are chasing an unachievable photoshop appearance in order to feel accepted while boys are taught that they must not show emotion and should mistreat others to feel important,” says vocalist Landon Kirk. “Social media & marketing influences every step we take and we march blindly without free thought. We are losing what makes us human and are trading it in for a cheap artificial quick fix. Social Suicide is an anthem to make people aware of the affect technology, media and social influence is having on the human condition and to be reminded to step away and find free thought once more.” 

“This song is a critical message to the generation of social media,” adds Koie. “I’ve been doubting whether it is really important for our lives. It is helpful BUT I also think that we shouldn’t be addicted to social media platforms because sometimes it’s wasting our time. I’d rather face myself and get self evolution than become a slave of Social media. Conservation or Revolution, go pick one!” 

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Social Suicide HERE

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