VIDEO NEWS: Jamie Lenman Releases Video For New Single ‘Like Me Better’

Jamie Lenman has released a video for his new single Like Me Better, the final single from his forthcoming mini-album King Of Clubs

“Like Me Better was one of the tracks I added to the album when I decided I wanted to make something with a bit more depth than an EP,” Lenman explains. “I had to go against my instincts and trust the strength of the song in order to not fuss it up or make it more complex than it needed to be – just three chords and a slow beat. I ended up whacking a big riff at the end of it cos I love big riffs but otherwise it’s a very simple tune, and probably better for it.”

“Lyrically it’s about things that repulse you at first but later you come to appreciate. This could apply to food or music or anything that provokes a strong reaction but in this instance it’s definitely about people and physical attraction. When people talk about having a secret crush, it’s usually about someone who looks a bit odd but nevertheless has a certain something about them. The whole record is about complex, contradictory and potentially uncomfortable feelings so it fits right in.”

King Of Clubs is due for release on 25th September 2020 via Big Scary Monsters, available to pre-order HERE. All physical copies of Kings Of Clubs will also feature specially recorded acoustic/unplugged versions of each track. 

Jamie Lenman has also confirmed a full electric live show as a pay-what-you-want on 27th September 2020 at 7pm BST with Vans For Bands, which will be streamed on both the Vans For Bands and Lenman’s own Facebook pages. 

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