VIDEO NEWS: As Everything Unfolds Release Video For New Single ‘Hiding From Myself’

As Everything Unfolds have released a video for their new single Hiding From Myself, out now via Long Branch Records

“With Hiding From Myself we wanted to ensure our lyrical content encapsulated the atmosphere of the piece; the chaos, intensity and pace of the song directly relates with the feelings that ensue when battling your own self worth, whilst trying to come out stronger the other side. We are worth every breath we take, every person deserves to feel safe in their own head,” explains vocalist Charlotte Rolfe.

“We felt like the single needed a relentless visual to compliment the dynamic ferocity of the song. We wanted chaotic and intense lighting, highlighting the disparity between the usually tranquil setting of a theatre; also utilising highly contrasting colourful visuals to cement the mania you can feel during such pressuring times.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Hiding From Myself HERE.

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