When you hear the name Madina Lake you will no doubt be hit with a rush of nostalgia, but now after an nine-year hiatus the quartet are back and raring to go with their brand new EP, The Beginning Of New Endings. We caught up with vocalist Nathan Leone to discuss the band’s return, how the music industry has changed over the last decade, their upcoming livestream shows and more.   

Hi Madina Lake, you’ve just released your new EP The Beginning Of New Endings, can you sum it up in five words for readers yet to check it out?

Hi! Sure thing…Fire, War, Heart, Weapons, Silver-Linings.

This is your first release since you went on hiatus, how do you feel you’ve changed as a band in this time?

Aside from everything hurting a bit more, I’m surprised at our overall lack of change. You know how as people we’re made up of energy and when we interact, particles are exchanged and a chemistry is developed (or not)? This explains why; if you run into an old best friend, it’s often as if no time has passed? Well I think our creative chemistry as a band is the same way and when we interact it’s as if not a day went by.  

How have you found the return? Has the response so far to your new release been what you were anticipating?

We had no idea what to expect and we were quite nervous about it. At the end of the day we’d decided it didn’t matter; that we wanted to create and release music together and as long as one other person wanted to hear it, it was worth it. When we released Playing With Fire out of nowhere, I was really surprised and relieved at how big of a reaction it got. We’re very grateful for that. 

Do you have any standout/memorable experiences from the recording process you can share?

Most of it was written by emailing files with ideas back ‘n’ forth and then FaceTiming to discuss. Tiny Weapons, though, we wrote a couple years ago on a whim when Matthew visited Mateo and I in Los Angeles. We had no intention of writing a Madina song, but Mateo played us this guitar bit he was working on for sport.  About two hours later, despite it being around nine minutes long, the song was done. 

You’ve announced a trio of live stream shows taking place in November with each set having a different setlist and with the third show being a set of your favourite songs. Can you give us a hint into what fans can expect from these shows?

Yeah, we’ve been dying to play live and given the current lack of options, we’re having to adapt to the proverbial “new” norms with these virtual shows. Without a live audience, we’re going to be incorporating some video elements that should be interesting…but we still expect everybody to singalong loud ‘n’ proud in their bedrooms!

It’s been a strange year to comeback and release new music, has the pandemic impacted any plans that you had in the works for this year?

We were considering a slot on a major UK festival before the Coves hit which would’ve coincided with the new release, but once everything shut down we figured we’d go ahead with it in the hopes that any new music would help any interested quarantiners pass the time.  

What are your favourite or most relatable lyrics taken from The Beginning Of New Endings? 

Hmm tough one. Off the top of my head probably a line from Tiny Weapons: “I’ve gotta know, when the torture is through, that this bridge that I’m building’s a bridge back to you” … a hope for return to some sense of normalcy in a strange world.  

Looking at the music scene now, compared to how it was the first time around, what differences have you noticed?

Honestly I don’t recognise it at all. Not in a bad way, it’s just so different. We’re used to writing records and touring with a family of bands and fans that share a musical, and often, life ideology. Genres have splintered into so many sub-genres and with Warped Tour gone, it feels a bit homeless to be honest. Having said that; bands like MCR, The Used, Motion City Soundtrack etc. all coming back is amazing, and a testament to the greater family of bands/fans that sustain scenes like ours.  

Are there any bands you’ve been particularly enjoying right now who you’d recommend our readers check out?  

I’ve been on a Yungblud kick lately. Also, Lacey, a UK band we toured with back in the day, is releasing some incredible music.  

What’s next on the cards in the world of Madina Lake? Will any new music follow the sound exhibited on The Beginning of New Endings?  

We’re already about five songs deep into the next record…tentatively titled Superbia. Our first three records told a bit of a story and this one will start a new storyline. It’s difficult to predict when it’ll be finished but we’re excited, loving life and can’t wait to get out into the world again!

Thanks again for taking the time to chat, do you have a final message for our readers? 

Thank YOU! Truly, we appreciate it very much. Yes; things can seem really contentious these days. Despite your politics, passions, preferences, beliefs etc, you are all extraordinary people and I’ve found that focusing on the positive, staying optimistic and in the moment, and maintaining connections to other people, despite potential differences, leads to a much happier/healthier existence. Love conquers all or something…just my humble opinion. Thank you Bring the Noise UK!

Madina Lake‘s new EP The Beginning Of New Endings is out now via Strange Entertainment (The Orchard/Sony), available to stream or purchase HERE

Their three full-band livestream shows in partnership with Veeps will take place in November. 

Each show will have a unique setlist:


Thu 12th – The New Endings: new EP The Beginning Of New Endings performed live, and a set from the band’s repertoire.
Tickets on sale HERE.

Fri 13th – Songs From The River: a set designed by the River People, for the River People (fan-voted songs).
Tickets on sale HERE

Sat 14th – Don’t Mind If We Do: a set of Madina Lake’s favourite songs.
Tickets on sale HERE.

All shows will be stream via the Veeps website HERE, starting at 5pm EST (10pm BST / 11pm CEST). Tickets are priced at $15 per show, or $35 for all three, with bundles also available which include access to all three shows, an eight-person group Zoom chat with the band, as well as assorted merchandise and the EP on vinyl. 

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