Eskimo Callboy are taking the metal world by storm. Since the release of their monumental single, Hypa Hypa, and through their new EP, MMXX, their popularity has only continued to grow, and for good reason. MMXX is one of the most refreshing releases of this year, perfectly capturing the core essence of the band, as well as highlighting their new singer, Nico Sallach. Here’s what they had to say about their new EP, and more!

The new Eskimo Callboy EP, MMXX, is the first to feature the new singer, Nico Sallach. How did it feel working with him for the first time?

When Nico joined the band, we were already working on new material at full throttle. So he must have felt like jumping on a moving train…but one of the criteria that made him the perfect match was his commitment to writing songs. So from the very first second in the studio he was involved and he brought a lot of cool ideas with him. It felt very natural to work with him.

One of the songs featured is a sequel to fan-favourite track, MC Thunder. What was the inspiration behind MC Thunder 2 (Dancing Like a Ninja)? Why make a sequel, and how did the Japanese/KAWAII sounds come about?

We’ve always wanted to make a sequel to MC Thunder, but we also knew that with the popularity of the first one, there comes a certain responsibility to not fuck up the second one. But the vibes in the studio were perfect, and so we felt we were up to the task. MC Thunder 2 was the first song that we wrote after going back to the studio very early in January, and it basically gave us back the old easiness of working on new material.

What song was your favourite to write/record?

Definitely Hypa Hypa. This song came up so naturally. From the very first tone to the final lyrics it took us less than two days. It’s a good sign when you don’t wanna stop working on a song until it’s finished, because this usually means that it has these specific vibes…you don’t have to think too much, it’s already there in your head. You just need to record it.

Aside from the three new songs, this EP also features three re-recorded songs from EC’s back catalogue. What factors came into play when choosing which songs to revisit? 

We wanted to get a little bit nostalgic here. When it became clear to us, that we would drop an EP, we wanted to think of the feelings that we had when we started Eskimo Callboy ten years ago. Monsieur Moustache vs. Clitcat and Hey Mrs. Dramaqueen were our favorite songs to play live back then, and somehow were the ones that helped us kick off this band in the depth of the internet. So we wanted to appreciate them one more time by re-recording them. Also, to show how old songs sound with a new singing voice. Same with the acoustic version of Prism, we thought it’s the best way to show Nico’s voice in a very pure form.

Of the three new tracks from this EP, which song are you most looking forward to performing live, once shows can be held again?

After all these months without any tours and festivals, I’m pretty sure that our first show after the lockdown will be one big discharge of all the bottled up energy and emotions. Even if we played our new acoustic version of Prism, ourselves and our fans would freak out like we were playing some 200bpm deathcore song. But to be honest, I can’t wait to perform to Hypa Hypa in front of a big partying crowd, all dressed up in mullets and moustaches.

What should we expect future EC songs to sound like: more (relatively) serious offerings, such as Hate/Love, or wacky and fun tracks such as Hypa Hypa?

Eskimo Callboy has always been about both. One of our most important band values is “authenticity”. And although we established these party metal songs with hard breakdowns and 4-to-the-floor-sing-a-long-choruses as some sort of our own unique sound, we’re not always in the mood to make music like this. We love many different genres and we think limiting yourself to only one of the many sides of music also limits your creativity.

We had to put up with a lot of shit to be able to work like this, but you can definitely expect both from us. And maybe some German “Schlager” music, too.

Would you say that having to search for a new singer ten years into your career was EC’s biggest challenge so far?

Definitely one of the biggest, right after finishing our old record Rehab in 2019. Although we never were one of these “awesome singer and his band” bands, you can’t deny that the voice of a singer gives a band its face.

Parting ways with our old singer was one of the toughest decisions ever, but it brought back the easiness and passion of writing new music to all of us, including him. Of course, we had trust in our work, and we were confident in finding a matching new band mate; but all that would’ve meant nothing if our fans hadn’t accepted Nico and our idea of the new Eskimo Callboy in 2020. Luckily it all turned out very well.

How do you think EC has grown and progressed in the past ten years?

I think it’s all about experience, some minor, some major…but the most important thing we learned is to always listen to ourselves. This means making the music you want, without the pressure of external expectations, but also raise your voice when you have a bad feeling about decisions others make for you (even if it’s their job). I think all those experiences have made us more confident about ourselves and our decisions in general. Also, after being in this business for ten years now, we have gained some really cool professions within our band. That’s why most of the stuff we do is DIY.

Finally, if you were be presented with the opportunity to do so, what advice would you give to Eskimo Callboy from 2010?

Don’t eat the expired yoghurt from the breakfast buffet in that hotel in Saarbrücken in 2012!!

Eskimo Callboy‘s new EP MMXX is out now, available to stream or purchase HERE

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