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LIVE REVIEW: Tarja, Serpentyne, Abakas, /FORM Space, Cluj-Napoca, RO, 19/10/2022

Joined by openers Serpentyne and Abakas, one of the most well-loved performers in the industry has returned to Romania: Tarja Turunen, the Finnish soprano and reigning queen of symphonic metal herself. Her second time ever performing in Cluj-Napoca, and her first rock concert in the city, would see her play a fully-packed /FORM Space - here’s what we thought of the night!
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With 'NULA' under their belt, Vukovi have once again displayed their talent in blending genres and soundscapes into one coherent style, all while expertly tackling some pretty heavy subjects and juggling a conceptual narrative on top of everything. This is their best record so far, and there’s no doubt about it.
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'EBM' is partly a return to form for Editors, and partly a leap into a new direction. The songs have a sense of urgency and immediacy that’s been missing for a while, but which has now found its way back into the sounds employed by the Birmingham collective. The addition of Blanck Mass, too, has proved beneficial, as it has breathed new life into the band’s sound, and we can’t wait to see where it will take them and how it will evolve further.
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The 'Paranoia' EP set the bar pretty high when it was released last year, but 'SUCKERPUNCH' will definitely live up to those expectations. Though some songs are easily outshined by others, this is a more than solid effort, especially for a debut album, and the soul that Maggie Lindemann has put into the making of this record is impossible to ignore.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Muse – Will of the People

While the 10 songs found on offer are great on a musical level, 'Will of the People' swiftly falls flat when you add the often absurd or repetitive lyrics into the mix, further confirming that, save for a few exceptions, Muse’s upwards streak ended in 2018.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Mothica – Nocturnal

With 'Nocturnal', Mothica continues to prove that the alt-pop and heavy music spheres shouldn’t just co-exist - they can safely bump into one another, as when they do, great results can and do come out. By taking her past and present experiences with trauma and mental illness, and coating them in poppy melodies driven by heavy guitars, she has crafted one of the finest and heaviest alt-pop albums in recent memory, if not of the whole year.


It's always a time for celebration when Silverstein release a new album, and it's no different with their latest effort, 'Misery Made Me'. We caught up with frontman Shane Told and got him to answer a few of our questions about the band's recent release, which continues their streak of phenomenal records. 
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