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It's always a time for celebration when Silverstein release a new album, and it's no different with their latest effort, 'Misery Made Me'. We caught up with frontman Shane Told and got him to answer a few of our questions about the band's recent release, which continues their streak of phenomenal records. 
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ALBUM REVIEW: Silverstein – Misery Made Me

Paving the way for a possible future direction the band could take, 'Misery Made Me' continues Silverstein's streak of great records, while simultaneously representing all aspects of the Canadian band's sonic palette.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Machine Gun Kelly – Mainstream Sellout

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the fact that Machine Gun Kelly has become an artist of considerable success and popularity, not in the least bit thanks to his 2020 landmark release, 'Tickets to My Downfall'. In the almost two years since that album came out, MGK’s become even more notorious than he already was, and he’s also gone and recorded a follow-up to the genre-bending record. Enter: 'mainstream sellout'.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost – Impera

Ghost return with 'Impera', the most cohesive yet eclectic mix of songs they’ve put out to date. With influences ranging from ABBA to Iron Maiden, ‘80s arena rock, and even some Latin inspired drumbeats, there’s something here for everyone, and it’s the best the band has ever sounded in their 10+ years of activity.
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MUSIC FEATURE: Inside the Mind Of… Tarja Turunen

For the past 20+ years, Tarja Turunen has been one of the most emblematic voices to hail from Finland. Whether it be with one of the biggest symphonic metal bands out there (you know the one), or joined by her solo band, this Nordic queen of operatic vocals has more than left her mark on the world of music. But what has Tarja done since her last studio album, 2019’s 'In The Raw'? We caught up with the soprano a short while ago to talk about her upcoming release under the Outlanders moniker, as well as her new book, 'Singing In My Blood'.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

Back in 2020, they’ve wowed everyone with 'Holy Roller' and this year they’ll amaze everyone yet again. At long last, the debut album by Spiritbox is about to hit the shelves (and streaming services), and we can safely say that the wait has been well and worth it. 'Eternal Blue' is an utter masterpiece, worthy of every album of the year title that it will, undoubtedly, receive by the time 2021 leaves us.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Leprous – Aphelion

'Aphelion' is yet another brilliant release by Norwegian prog masters Leprous. Its songs constantly build themselves up and evolve, while retaining their individual sound and identity, and manage to never sound exactly the same as one another. This is a testament of a band that, in spite of a pandemic, is still on top of its game, and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.
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