Florin Petrut
Hi, I'm Florin! I'm a 20-year-old Journalism student from Cluj, Romania. Some of my greatest passions are listening to music and writing about it, so I invite you to keep up to date with my latest contributions to Bring the Noise UK!
Music Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Blood – Typhoons

With the release of 'Typhoons', British duo Royal Blood have taken their craft and perfected (almost) every single possible aspect, managing to put out a record that’s punchy yet groovy at the same time, which is sure to become the favourite for a lot of people.
Music Reviews

EP REVIEW: Serj Tankian – Elasticity

'Elasticity' is a good mix of Serj Tankian’s signature vocal wails and captivating yet intriguing lyrics, as well as sounds you’d expect from both his usual solo material and System of a Down.
Music Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: Normandie – Dark & Beautiful Secrets

In the end, 'Dark & Beautiful Secrets' is a great third step in Normandie’s overall discography, as aside from a tracklist which could be more cohesive, it’s got everything going for it to be classed as one of the great alternative albums of 2021.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Pale Waves – Who Am I?

While it doesn’t tread too much into new sonic territories, 'Who Am I?', the new album by Manchester-based indie band Pale Waves, is an adequate follow-up to their debut album, 'My Mind Makes Noises', acting as the yin to its yang.
Live Reviews

LIVE REVIEW: Silverstein – Out of This World Concert Series, Part 1 – Greatest Hits Set (Live Stream) – 06/02/2021

We’re one year into a global pandemic (because one just *has* to strike every century, apparently), and we’ve begun to see more and more online shows. One could say that they’ve become all the rage in the industry, and these guys know it, because aside from being a three-part series, these new livestreams by Silverstein feature a highly outlandish storyline that makes everything truly… 'Out of This World' (*ba-dum-tshh*) - sorry, we couldn’t help it.
Music Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: Deftones – Black Stallion

Deftones’ 'Black Stallion' feels like it had a bar that was set so high for itself, that it simply doesn’t manage to break it. Even so, with so many approaches and such a variety of sounds and soundscapes, there’s bound to be something here for everyone to enjoy.
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