MUSIC NEWS: SPQR Announce New Release ‘Ribbons’

Photo Credit: Liam Powell

Liverpool art-rock four-piece SPQR have announced Ribbons, a brand new collection of unreleased material, rarities and back catalogue reissues. 

“As a general ‘rule’ in my life I try never to look back. Instead, and especially when it comes to writing music, I tend to steam-train forward into a new genre every other week, never stopping to see if it makes sense or fits with what came before. Because why should it? But when the notion of releasing a collection of all the songs I wrote in the ‘early days’ began to arise in conversations, I felt a lot of nostalgia for a very different time in my life and subsequently the band,” says frontman Peter Harrison.

“Though that nostalgia is liberally coated with the embarrassment that comes with hindsight—partly due to the memories it conjures, but also the crippling naivety—I know that there’s almost definitely going to be a time that everything I am doing in the present will also become coated in that same wincing nostalgia. In short, I thought ‘f*ck it’. I’m gonna hate all of this one day.”

“These songs are not the songs I’d write today. What was once a blistering outward-facing rage has become a much quieter acceptance of the fragility of simply existing within a space in which I feel I do not and cannot fit. BUT! These songs are a piece of the puzzle, and I’d be an idiot not to accept the role they played in the first few years. So if you’re listening for the first time…enjoy! And good luck.”

Ribbons is out now on the band’s own label Nuthin Gud Records, available to stream HERE

SPQR have also announced a run of 7″ singles by Flying Vinyl, featuring No Brain, No Pain and Just Sumfin from their latest EP. With artwork by drummer Bex Denton, the record is limited to 90 copies and is due for release on 11th September 2020, available to pre-order HERE

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