Behind The Noise

MUSIC FEATURE: Behind The Noise – SPQR

Liverpool art-rock quartet SPQR release their third EP, 'No Brain, No Pain', this week through their own label, Nuthin Gud Records. The band recently shared their new single 'Just Sumfin', a track that frontman Peter Harrison says about "feelings not being validated." We caught up with Harrison to delve into the track's themes, as well as the writing process, the stories behind the video and more. 

MUSIC FEATURE: Standing By The Scene – Doing Your Bit To Support Music Through COVID-19 (Part One)

Everything’s a bit weird right now isn’t? We at Bring The Noise UK hope you’re all being safe and looking after each other. Speaking of looking after people, now’s the time we could really look after the bands we love. So how can we all help the artists whose music has helped us through our hard times and been a soundtrack to the best night of our lives, now that they need us? A lot of them are trying to adapt, and use technology to help raise funds, and keep their music in your mind while you’re stuck inside. And since you are stuck inside, why not tune into some of these innovative live streams? Here’s some ways you can help...

EP REVIEW: SPQR – Low Sun Long Shadows

2015’s BBC Introducing upcoming band of the year, SPQR are here with their new heartfelt art-rock EP, 'Low Sun Long Shadows'. Short and to the point, this EP reaffirms the band’s talent within the post-punk realms and leaves you scratching for more.