Broadside are back with Into The Raging Sea, their brand new record which explores central themes of perseverance, growth and renewal. We caught up with vocalist Ollie Baxxter to find out more about the new album, releasing music during a pandemic and more… 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. You release your new album Into The Raging Sea next week, how do you guys usually feel in the run up to releasing a record?

Usually, sick to our stomachs. Fear and paranoia, maybe a little bit of excitement mixed in somewhere. This time around we’ve all had a more hopeful approach. This record almost didn’t happen to due issues with the label switch, members leaving etc. So we are just considering ourselves lucky to be here. Waiting.

Into The Raging Sea is centred around perseverance, growth and renewal, was the writing process quite cathartic or challenging for this record?

It was very natural. We focused on the core structure of the song and then I escaped out to the garden or went on various walks to fill in the rest. I’d love everything else in my life to come to me as easily as the content of this record. I have a good team and I think the clouds in my head are starting to part. It feels that way at least. So perhaps the writing of this record was the cathartic opportunity I needed. Perhaps that came through in the lyrics as well.

You’ve revealed three songs in the run up to the release – The Raging Sea, Foolish Believer and Heavenly – what made those three tracks stand out to release as singles?

We felt like they would be the easiest transition into the new sound. I like the message in all three of those as well. One is pure aggression, the other two are the less pouty version of myself. In love, lucky and desperate for approval from strangers.

Do they give an overall feel of the new album, or can we expect some surprises in there?

I can’t explain how different the rest of the songs are. I really think we’ve reached a new level and hope that our career reflects that. Every song is structured around a moment. I’m big on moments. Like when you’re watching a film and it just clicks in a subtle way. The best art makes you feel that you yourself are the person it was made for. I tried to create that as often as possible ins these.

How does it feel to release an album during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Have you faced any difficulties in the run up to the release?

All of our touring has been halted, thus cancelling any source of income. It’s a very difficult time to feel hopeful about music. I just hope this album really means something to someone so we can start booking bigger tours that we can financially support ourselves. It’d be the first time in the nine years I’ve not been touring.

When you’re able to tour again, are there any new songs that you’re most excited to play live?

I’m very excited to play an entire new set of entirely new songs. I feel like my mom has just given me five dollars to spend in a 50 cent candy store. We have completely new songs to test out. Very very exciting.

Thanks again for chatting to us today, do you have a final message for our readers?

I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me. I hope everyone who cares about human growth, perseverance and just supporting small artists checks out this album, that’s all I can really ever ask for. Thanks again <3

Broadside‘s new album Into The Raging Sea is due for release on 24th July 2020 via SharpTone Records, available to pre-order HERE.

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