MUSIC NEWS: The Long Faces Announce Debut EP & Release New Single ‘Sail Away’

The Long Faces have announced their debut EP Documentaries, due for release on 24th July 2020. 

To coincide with the news, the London/Leeds based alt-rockers have released their new single Sail Away.  

“Sail Away manifested itself through a series of instrumental jams spanning several years of reinterpretation,” the band explains. “We like to think we explored every dimension of that four-bar phrase; we’ve done speed-funk Sail Away, Sail Away via ska punk, even (disastrously) Sail Away in a major key. The emphasis, though, was always placed on the incessant repetition of that basic idea, with the vain hope that a song might spring from its reprisal – sort of like flogging a dead horse back to life.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Sail Away HERE

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