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An immediate, energetic onslaught of hardcore noise is what the new CAPRA release brings to the table. Fronted by the formidable Crow Lotus, this band are taking no prisoners as their self-titled EP, CAPRA, opens with an absolute avalanche of guitars and drums before the brutal vocals kick in.

Within seconds, Torture Ship has already had tempo changes, anthemic lyrics and a breakdown. CAPRA are not wasting any time. Lyrically, this song is in danger of falling into the trap of cliche, but is saved by the quite brilliant line, “rid yourselves of the filth of comfort,” in a song about the pressures of modern life. The song ends on Crow’s screams of “THE FUTURE IS NOW!” – two and a half minutes of fun, pissed off hardcore perfection.

This band frequently play benefit shows in aid of charity, proving that hardcore still has a sense of community and helping each other. This can be seen reflected in their music, in the socially conscious lyrics of second track Paper Tongues, which tackles themes of drug abuse and domestic violence.

This is a band who know what they want and are not afraid to push boundaries. Having fun and exploring darker and deeper topics on the same release is a difficult line to walk, but these guys have done it. Definitely a talented band to watch.


For Fans Of: Converge, Every Time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan

Written by: Rosie Esther Solomon

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Rosie Solomon
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