VIDEO NEWS: Cory Marks Releases Video For ‘Outlaws & Outsiders’

Cory Marks has released a video for his single Outlaws & Outsiders, a track featured in Better Noise Films‘ upcoming movie and soundtrack Sno Babies. The video features footage from the film, which is due for release in September. 

Sno Babies is a gripping tale about the grim realities of teenage drug addiction and the effects on a middle-class suburban town. With the current lockdown restrictions in place, it remains critically important to support those in early recovery for Substance Use Disorders. 

“It’s one thing as an artist to have your music released on streaming platforms and played on the radio (you hope), but to have your music included in a film such as this is a whole other level of amazing – a damn cool accomplishment as an artist and songwriter,” Marks comments. “The opioid epidemic is only getting worse, especially during times like this where the world is literally shut down. I hope this song and film inspires people to let them know there is always help and other ways to cope with difficult times / circumstances.”

Better Noise Films have partnered with Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI) to raise funds that support and sustain recovery resources in local communities impacted by the opioid crisis and COVID-19.  

“The opioid crisis and the COVID pandemic have disproportionately affected people in early recovery from drugs and alcohol,” adds GRI’s Executive Director Catherine Hartnett. “GRI is raising funds to support local organisations who provide housing, recovery services and other supports to reduce the risk for relapse.”

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