MUSIC NEWS: In Hearts Wake Announce Album Details & Release Video For ‘Son Of A Witch’

In Hearts Wake have announced their fifth studio album KALIYUGA, due for release on 7th August. The band will be minimising their environmental footprint with the release, by carbon offsetting the entire process and using recycled, plastic-free materials to manufacture and package the physical version of the record. 

The quintet calculated the album’s recording process to be 26.37 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which have been offset through the purchase of carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Western Australia.

“During the recording process we measured every power socket, counted every light, pound of freight, food consumption, driving mile and airfare taken. We were then able to find the total carbon footprint and offset it by supporting a rewilding project in Australia on First Nations land,” explains frontman Jake Taylor. “Our mission to help support and sustain life on earth has made us realise that less is more. Many industries are evolving, and as musicians we feel it’s time to do our part. It’s been challenging to navigate the retail hurdles, find sustainable materials and successful companies that embody our ethos, but through a bit of research we’ve discovered that there are many solutions out there.”

In Hearts Wake have also released a video for their new single Son Of A Witch. 

“Coronavirus turned our video cartoon,” Taylor adds. “These challenging times are forcing us to adapt, evolve and discover new ways of doing things. I scoured the internet for an animation team who could bring to life this emotive, sensitive and archetypal narrative about humanities neglect and mistreatment of Mother Earth. I’ve never written or directed animation before, but it opened up new possibilities and for that I’m grateful.”

Alongside the album announcement, In Hearts Wake have launched a brand new website, offering album news, insights, exclusive content and clues. Check out the website HERE

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