MUSIC NEWS: Coast To Coast Announce EP Details & Release Video For ‘Sovereign’

Emo-rock quintet Coast To Coast have announced their new EP Sovereign, due for release on 24th April via Fox Records.

In light of the announcement the band have released a video for the EP’s title-track, Sovereign. 

“It’s about how you see other people being so naturally positive and social, hence the lyrics, ‘the words roll from your tongue I came to ask you, tell me what it’s like on the other side’,” says vocalist Keiran Hyland, explaining the meaning behind Sovereign. “It’s about feeling as if you’re missing out on what other people are doing because of your own struggles and problems. The song title, Sovereign, comes from the line, ‘thought you were sovereign now you can’t find your crown’. Referring to when I was younger I thought I had my life set out and had a lot going for me now I feel a bit hopeless.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Sovereign HERE.

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