MUSIC NEWS: Lizzy Farrall Announces Debut Album & Releases Video For ‘Addict’

Photo Credit: George Grivan

Lizzy Farrall has announced her debut album Bruise, due for release on 27th March via Pure Noise Records.

In light of the news, Farrall has released a video for her new single Addict.

“The video depicts an extreme obsession with someone, going so far as to kidnap them at gunpoint out of a desire to control and possess them,” she explains. “The white rabbit mask, a recurring theme in my visuals, is a more ambiguous symbol, evoking the idea of another-worldly guiding figure – like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or Frank from Donnie Darko – while also being a more personal metaphor for a journey of rebirth. The ending reflects how self-destructive and damaging these obsessions can be.”


Bruise is available for pre-order HERE.

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