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LIVE REVIEW: The Chats, O2 Academy, Bristol, 13/12/2019

Photo Credit: Jamie Wdziekonski

Bringing punk back with a silly twist are Aussie nutters, The Chats. Having crept their way into the music scene through their hilarious viral video, Smoko, this band have blossomed in three years, collecting famous fans such as Dave Grohl and Iggy Pop. Tonight they’ve travelled half-way across the world to rock out at the O2 Academy Bristol and the word has definitely got out as fans are packed in, ready for a punk party to remember.

The troublesome trio let loose on a simplistic stage with just a banner hanging for decoration with rude caricatures of the band members. This perfectly outlines what the band is about and highlights their musical tone; simple, naughty and hilarious. They kick things off with Nambored; an odd choice from their second EP, which still erupts the easy to please crowd. Mum Stole my DartsBus Money and The Clap follow, bringing the essence of the band to light. Who says punk has to be political? Frontman Eamon Sandwith is a pioneer for making delinquents problems into a hilarious, relatable and explosive musical tale for two minutes at a time. Mum found your cigs or weed and stole it? Lost your bus money because you’ve had too much booze? Had the Clap? These boys have your back, share your pain and laugh along with you. A trait that really is special in today’s serious industry.

If you’re looking for excellent musicians and flawless sets, this is not the show for you. Left Right is a fun mess and sees everyone have a really good time. Celebrating that feeling of being hungover, (something most of the crowd will be feeling tomorrow), and sopping it up with greasy grub, is encore and new single, Pub Feed.  The perfectly sloppy craftmanship from Josh Price (lead guitar) and Matt Boggis (drums) fits the genre and ethos of these garage grungers. It’s been a dive into the past, present and future and we’ve come out the other side completely satisfied with sore necks from headbanging. What a great time!. Until next time boys! 9/10

Written by: Charly Phillips