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MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Vultures

Canadian metallic hardcore quartet Vultures have had a busy second half of 2019, building up to the release of their new EP Hunger. Set to embark on their biggest tour yet, including their first trip to the USA, we caught up the band to hear their top tips and stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

Getting to hang out with my best friends and meet new ones! And of course playing music I put a lot of work into to people I’ve never seen before.

Least favourite thing about touring:

Mechanical issues lol.

Five essentials for the road:

– Trail mix
– Nintendo Switch
– A sense of humour
– Neck pillow
– A book

Your favourite way to pass the time:

Definitely gaming on the switch, I’ll zone out right into the next city, or everyone singing along to 90’s music.

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

Our first national tour, our van broke down right beforehand and all of us were jammed into the tiniest van we borrowed from a friend that ran on propane. We had to map out gas stations since there were only select places in the country that did propane fuel. The van was TINY, we all were basically cuddling the whole way.

Hilarious moment:

He’s probably going to hate me for saying this, but in Toronto two years ago our vocalist Alex was wearing gym shorts on stage and everyone in the front lines swore he had a massive boner. We all know how much he loves performing but he topped us all for his passion for our music that night (was probably just the light/angle).

Embarrassing moment:

Probably smashing my wireless receiver on the ceiling during a house show performance. It just completely exploded and I had to find a patch cord fast lol.

Outrageous moment:

Probably when our transmission blew up and we drove straight across Canada to get to where our tour started off. Three days of driving a bus without even turning the engine off and taking turns behind the wheel after we got it repaired.

Drunken moment:

My favourite drunken moment was probably when me and some friends in Toronto jumped the fence to an outdoor pool with a bunch of beers and swam. There was about five of us, I never really get to spend actual time with friends on the road so the lack of sleep was an easy sacrifice for some drunk swimming at 2am.

Rewarding moment:

The most rewarding moments are the intimate shows where everyone’s having a great time and we really connect with the audience. Especially when visiting a city we’ve never played and everyone’s stoked right off the bat.

Vultures‘ new EP Hunger is due for release on 4th October, available to purchase HERE.

See Vultures on tour at one of the following dates:


Wed 2nd – KELOWNA, BC – Munnins Post
Thu 3rd – EDMONTON, AB – Clever Rabbit
Fri 4th – SASKATOON, SK – Black Cat Tavern
Sat 5th – CALGARY, AB – Sloth Records
Sun 6th – SALMO, BC – Salmo Hotel
Mon 7th – TACOMA, WA – Real Art Tacoma
Tue 8th – OLYMPIA, WA – La Voyeur
Wed 9th – EUGENE, OR – Old Nicks Bar
Thu 10th – EUREKA, CA – Little Red Lion
Fri 11th – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Red Hat Concord
Sat 12th – SAN DIEGO, CA – Til Two Club
Sun 13th – PHOENIX, AZ – Yucca Tap Room
Mon 14th – TUSCON, AZ – Ward 6
Tue 15th – LOS ANGELES, CA – Old Towne Pub Pasadena
Wed 16th – SAN JOSE, CA – Xbar
Thu 17th – RENO, NV – Sheas Tavern
Fri 18th – REDDING, CA – Concrete Lodge
Sat 19th – PORTLAND, OR – East Side Bar And Grill
Sun 20th – BEND, OR – The Capitol
Mon 21st – SEATTLE, WA – Funhouse

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