ALBUM REVIEW: Pijn & Conjurer – Curse These Metal Hands

Forming for a project at ArcTanGent in 2018, the members of Pijn & Conjurer have unleashed one of the best surprise releases of the year. Described by ArcTanGent organiser, James Scarlett, as “like Baroness playing Pink Floyd,” Curse These Metal Hands combines driving riffs and gang vocals with moments of crushing power and peaceful reflection.

Highlights of the album are easily the opening and closing tracks, High Spirits and Sunday, both of which capture perfectly the idea of looking for positives and having a weight being lifted, or as the band put it “coming from a place of pushing through to find sick things even when life is a bit tricky…” Middle tracks The Pall and Endeavour sound more traditionally like Pijn and Conjurer, both featuring some punishingly brutal moments whilst retaining the overall theme of positivity.

For something that was started as a bit of fun, Curse These Metal Hands is an absolute joy to listen to from start to finish. It is clear that the members of Pijn & Conjurer had a great time producing the record and that sense of fun, warmth and joy shines through on each track. Curse These Metal Hands is a salute to uplifting, heavy music; expect to see it on end of year lists.


Standout Tracks: High Spirits, Sunday

For Fans Of: Baroness, Isis, Cult of Luna

Written by: Henry McCaughtrie