EP REVIEW: Our Nameless Boy – Tomorrow I’ll Be Scared Again

The Bristol lads are back. Our Nameless Boy have released their new EP Tomorrow I’ll Be Scared Again through Beth Shalom Records, and we are excited as ever to see them in action. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2015, Ian Gorrie finished chemotherapy in early 2016 but was then pulled into another operation while filming the music video for All It Is. The quartet continued to press on during Gorrie’s health troubles, but with bravery and determination pulled through with the raw and emotive Tomorrow I’ll Be Scared Again.

With some solid drumming, Waste Away rattles in quickly and ignites the five-track offering of the EP. Gorrie’s smooth vocals harmonise with distorted guitar work, and while you think the song is winding down, sharp screaming in short breaths picks up the pace. The thrashing drums in this track carry the song through and create a massive sound. In classic emo form, Once An Island is very reminiscent of Manchester Orchestra’s former work and closely resembles the simple and emotive vocal pitch used by Andy Hull. The cymbal crash is quickly heard and opens the track as it slows nicely into a steady beat. In the usual fashion of the band, the number then speeds up, commencing with strong percussion.

The EP’s first video before release, All It Is, packs an emotional punch right off the bat. With a quiet pace, it builds into a monstrous track. The heavy drumming dips in and out of the soft melody. The strong theme of distance and pushing others away is evident, “This is nothing for you to worry over, I got this” is a sad sentiment, and very fitting.  Nothing On My Mind is reminiscent of early post-hardcore and is a rebellious record remarking the power of denial. Here is the more reserved brother as it’s mellow compared to the rest of the EP, but holds its own amongst the musical giants.

Nover is a powerful finish, bringing a sense of closure to the album and the band’s already hard course. “I am a product of a self-belief, with a willingness to achieve” is a hopeful and mighty lesson to teach, and perfectly encapsulates Gorrie’s journey. With half-screamed vocals, it pierces through the loud instruments and resonates with listeners. There is so much energy crammed into this track, that it’s like being on a five-minute long rollercoaster.

The story of Tomorrow I’ll Be Scared Again is an uplifting battle of denial, hope and resurgence. With strong post-hardcore influences, this EP is a welcome newcomer in the scene. With a fresh lease on life, Our Nameless Boy is on the road and ready to share some new music.


Standout Tracks: Once an Island, All It Is, Nover

For Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Touche Amore, The Early November

Written by: Caitlin Sharkey