EP REVIEW: John Coffey – A House For Thee

John Coffey have a rare gift shared only with a few deserving bands of their ilk: the ability to take a sturdy hardcore punk foundation, and build on it with slab upon slab of badass groove. While the Dutch quintet have been grafting away in their native Utrecht for nearly 15 years, it finally seems like their gargantuan structure is beginning to tower above a wider international audience; here's what we thought of their latest EP, 'A House For Thee'.

EP REVIEW: Across All Oceans – Homegrown

Homegrown is the latest EP from Middleborough five-piece Across All Oceans; with just 12 minutes of content, is there enough for a casual listener to go on or is the lack of content going to cost the guys fans? We’ve had a listen and from what we’ve heard their future looks quite promising,