MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Time, The Valuator

Following the release of their debut album How Fleeting, How Fragile and a headline run across the UK, we caught up with German melodic metallers Time, The Valuator to hear their top tips and stories from the road.  

Favourite thing about touring?

Meeting the people that have been following our stuff online for years and seeing their reaction to our performance. It’s a huge reward for the work we put into this project!

Least favourite thing about touring?

Having to move around fast and barely having time to enjoy the places around the venues.

Five essentials for the road: 

– Good packing organisation

– Enough water and healthy food

– Having something for entertainment (games, music)

– Keeping up the hype

– Good communication with promoters and venues

Your favourite way to pass the time?

Mario Kart!

The “Most”:

Memorable moment:

Playing our show in London was an unreal experience. We didn’t expect so many people to sing along and wholeheartedly enjoy our set.

Hilarious moment:

So we were at this Dutch service station and Yunus didn’t notice that Rene wasn’t in the van yet, so he started driving with him half getting in. It was a very silly moment that made us laugh a lot.

Outrageous moment:

While loading in for the London show, James of TesseracT was casually just walking by. We’ve been big fans of their music for years, being inspired lots, so it was truly magical to just casually meet one of our idols.

Drunken moment:

We didn’t really get that trashed together yet, but who knows what the future holds.

Rewarding moment:

Again, London. Most of us weren’t familiar with touring with an album out, so we soaked up every positive bit of feedback we could get hold of. We got so lost in the conversations with the fans after our set that we kinda forgot to pack our stuff down for a moment. It’s an amazing feeling to realise that this music really gets to people and makes them come out and rock. Observing from the stage how people enjoy your own music is a truly unreal feeling that can barely be put into words. Thank you.

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