MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…blanket

Having recently completed a run of tour dates with Coldbones, cinematic rock quartet blanket are due to release their long-awaited debut album How To Let Go on the 18th May via Music For Nations. We caught up with the band following the shows to hear their tips and stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

Looking out into the crowd and seeing people look bewildered at the show, I feel like on this tour especially we have nailed the visuals and light show as well as the set itself, and I can see that it’s payed off when I see people’s reactions.

Least favourite thing about touring:

We’re still a relatively small band, so budgets are tight, which means most nights we’re all huddled on a floor somewhere trying to sleep after the show. Sometimes it’s just hard to sleep and we totally value our sleep.

Five essentials for the road:

1. Talcum powder, I listened to a joey Diaz podcast and he advised on this, keeps you fresh.

2. Comfy van clothes, sitting in a van for 4 hours after a show in sweaty jeans is not the one.

3. Ear plugs, if someone snores in the band you ain’t sleeping.

4. A towel, I always forget!

5. Healthy food, you’ll spend less money on fast food and feel healthier on the road.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

Watching shows – the download feature on Netflix is good. I’m on Wild Wild Country at the moment, it’s about Osho the Guru. It’s amazing.

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

The first show we played in Canterbury this tour was the first time we played a show with all the new lights and visuals, it was amazing to see it all in action.

Hilarious moment:

While we were all getting to sleep on the first night Pedro had a mask on and was doing the Kenneth Williams Bane impression “I was born into darkness” – Simon and I had partaken in a little of the Devil’s cabbage and it killed us.

Embarrassing moment:

I don’t think I’ve really had one on this tour, on the last tour we forgot the spare guitar and I snapped a string mid set. It was total amateur hour, we had to ask the other band if I could borrow their guitar (shout out Joe from peur).

Outrageous moment:

Simon drives and we listen to 90’s indie like the seahorses, Shelly watches wrestling, Pedro sleeps, and him and I usually edit or do work for the band in the van. We’re probably the most un-outrageous band. The most wild thing we do is probably getting a burger for a treat. We have a burger review instagram account by the way: @blanketburgers yep, that’s a thing.

Drunken moment:

We’ve had a few beers but not gone wild on this tour yet, we’re just too bloody sensible.

Rewarding moment:

We played London on Thursday and couldn’t wait to show our live show to our label and team we’re working with. We’ve put a lot of hours into programming and prep, so we were really excited for people to see it.


How To Let Go is due for release on 18th May via Music For Nations, available to pre-order HERE.

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