MUSIC FEATURE: Get To Know – Holy Roar Records

If you’re into all things heavy, Holy Roar Records should already be on your radar.

Founded in 2006, the trailblazing independent label boasts an impressively extensive back catalogue featuring releases from Employed To Serve, Body Hound, Brutality Will Prevail and alumni such as Trash Talk, The Ghost Of A Thousand and Chris Fehn’s Will Haven.

This winter, Holy Roar have taken it upon themselves to get you in the Christmas spirit the only way they know how….creating their own advent calendar set to showcase the very best in blistering noise. If you needed the introduction, we’ve put together the must-hear tracks compiled from Holy Roar Record’s releases of 2017 to get you fired up ahead of the ’12 Bands Of Christmas’, which will be hitting the Old Blue Last in London from 30th November (full dates and line-ups below).

Employed To Serve  Warmth Of A Dying Sun
I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away)


Helpless – Debt


Wren – Auburn Rule
The Herd


Brutality Will Prevail – In Dark Places


Wren/Slabdragger – The Mothers Of Beef And The Magic Of Invention Split EP
Muffin Man 


The Tidal Sleep – Be Water


Idylls – The Barn
In The Barn 


Wraith – Witcheries
Undying Solace 


Pijn – Tanzaro House 
Tanzaro House 


Ohhms – The Fool
The Hanged Man


Holy Roar Records shows at London’s Old Blue Last (all free entry!)


Thu 30th – Wren, Watchcries (Event)


Thu 7th – We Never Learned To Live, Pijn (Event)
Thu 14th – Giants (Final Show – Event)
Thu 21st – Slabdragger (Event)


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