EP REVIEW: Dire Bloom – Seasons

Just over seven months on from releasing their debut EP Facade, Leeds outfit Dire Bloom have released its follow up in the form of Seasons. A rawer yet more lyrically meaningful release has seen four tracks (just like there are four seasons) produced with superb slickness which you can’t wait to just listen to over and over again.

The intense opening with Bittersweet fools you with a synth filed intro before they come slamming in big and bold. It’s explosive filled with drops, twists and plucky guitar turns which get under your skin. Live will be where this track excels as Felix Kjåelberg’s vocals pull you in with their emotive tone changing from melodic to screaming vocals within the chorus. Overcrossing of layers brings a new intense dynamic to the track, keeping you hooked on the song throughout. Colour Blind is a lighter edition to the release yet still packs a punch with the riffy chorus. Honest lyrics feature as “the silence is louder than your words” in the pre-chorus which leads into a sound explosion mid chorus. Stripping it back towards the end of the track it gives a delicate ending to a powerful song. Dire Bloom, are good and they know they’re good as each track is perfectly executed and provides something new to find after each listen.

The Art Of Giving Up doesn’t see Dire Bloom giving up on the sound we’ve loved so far. A slower introduction provides the platform to build in echo vocals and haunting “I can’t erase you” lyrics make this simply atmospheric as they’re repeated throughout the release. Rolling drums from Adam Kelly provide the back bone to maintain the monumental sound created during this track which he doesn’t give up on doing at any point. Layering vocals and instruments are either a great hit or a poor miss yet faultlessly work here showing off contrasting vocals and differing in power musical elements. Closing track Bleed Out has a swirling introduction with guitars playing one against another as the bass line battles with the guitar over it throwing your mind into chaos deciding which to follow. Standing out for being one of the heavier tracks on the release, vocally there’s more power and an undertone of heartfelt emotion being poured out through these lyrics.

Dire Bloom aren’t breaking any new ground but instead have created tracks which you’d be more than happy to listen to over and over for their meaningful lyrics and bold instrumentation highlight their talent. You could say the bands they’ve listened to heavily influence their sound maybe a bit too much but over time and with some learning what works for them this can be addressed and they’ll find their own sound.


For Fans Of: Basement, Moose Blood, The Get Up Kids

Standout Track: Bittersweet

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar