MUSIC FEATURE: Kilkovec ‘Plunge’ EP – Track By Track

Hampshire three-piece Kilkovec release their Plunge EP this week, 8-tracks of highly energetic, cathartic and raw alt-punk rock. For fans of Brand New, letlive. and Marmozets, the band delve into the new record for Bring The Noise with their track-by-track.

1. Plunge

Although the track is instrumental the aim of the opening is to create a feel of solitude. The submarine radar captures this image of a lone object in the middle of a comparatively giant space. As the other noises start to come in, it brings a feel of how overwhelming simply going outside can become at the lowest points, everything is fuzzy and chaotic and too much to handle at once.

2. Change

Change is a coming of age song of sorts. It talks about aspects of typical grown up life like independence and love and not really having a clue how to handle or go about any of it. The line “every day I feel myself change” sums it all up. The chorus is about having the will to walk away from things you may have invested much of your time in but are starting to realise how for whatever reason it’s just not for you. The song also talks about the willingness to help others who share the same struggles as you do and trying to remember how everyone has problems of their own.

3. Just Get Better

Just Get Better was the previous single leading up to the creation EP. It was very much about trying to overcome the things addressed in the previous EP Sick of This. It talks about trying to be a better friend to yourself and heed the advice of others even if it’s not what you want to hear. The line “just get better” is like a mantra of sorts to just deal with what life throws at you as helpful as it may or may not be.
The chorus comes from experiences of moving back to our home towns after university and learning to deal with the next step in life.

4. Somerset Cottage

The title for this song was a working title inspired by the clean and peaceful sound of the intro. The sound swiftly changes from this into a dark and angry sounding breakdown. The music reflects that sometimes you just don’t want to be strong and just feel like smashing up the metaphorical sand castle you’ve built yourself. The writing process of the song kind of followed the same mentality, we were just trying to make something completely different from what we’d done before. The lyrics are very introspective, almost like an internal monologue. They look at how we can all be our worse enemies and sometimes just need to sit and take a look at all we have to be thankful for and see how far we’ve come in life.

5. 40,000 Leagues and Counting

The title of the song follows the theme of the title of the EP Plunge as the EP’s “sad song”. The lyrics are again quite like an internal monologue of someone failing to pick themselves up and just wallowing in the mess that they’re in. The second part of the song talks about being overwhelmed and needing to find means to feel okay again. The repeated vocals at the end of the song “just here for now” is like a final attempt to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The line “we’re sinking” wraps up the message of the song by summing up the whole feel of the song into two words.

6. Constructive Criticism

Another instrumental track, it’s like taking a breather before going further into the EP. This was an idea built around the guitar melody that we wanted to include weren’t really sure what to do with so it was written whilst in the studio. It was edited many times before we got to the end result.

7. Go On

This track featured on previous EP Sick of This but was rerecorded in the style that the song had been developed to be played live. The song begins the “back to normality” phase of the EP. The song wholly is about gathering yourself again, accepting things the way they are and learning to move forward.

8. Here’s To You

This song was inspired by our experiences of the people close to us undergoing crisis in their lives and feeling unable to do anything about it. The line “Here’s to you, I’ll hold you up and keep you afloat” talks about how in the end all you can really do is just be there when someone is in a really bad way, whilst “You’re so fed up, fed up, fed up but you can face the day with a smile” is about how easy it can be for people to hide the state that they are in.


Plunge is set for release on the 27th January, available to pre-order via the band’s webstore.

Catch Kilkovec live at one of the following dates:


Thu 26th – SOUTHAMPTON – The Alexandra Beer Emporium
Fri 27th – BASINGSTOKE – Sanctuary Live (EP Release Show)
Sat 28th – PORTSMOUTH – The Deco (Icebreaker Festival)
Sun 29th – BRIGHTON – Green Door Store
Wed 1st – LONDON – Tooting Tram And Social

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