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LIVE REVIEW: InMe, The Dome, London, 22/10/2016

Being in a UK band is tough, the market is over saturated and this industry is hard to break; but not for Essex boys, InMe. The now quartet have been making music since 1996 and tonight all of their loyal fans (ourselves included) are celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary at The Dome in Tufnell Par. Well done boys!

The turn out and energy from the crowd is a little lacking as we peer into the half empty venue, but that doesn’t phase a humble Dave McPherson as he thanks every single person for coming before belting out energetic openers, Myths and Photographs and Ferocity in Desire; snippets of their 3rd and 4th studio albums. Fan favourite album White Butterfly made an appearance next in the form of 7 Weeks, which kicked things off to a new level. You expect a certain level of cockiness from a band that have been solid for 20 years in the industry, but watching the brotherly interaction between bassist Greg McPherson and the frontman, you can tell they are all in it for the love of music and what they do, “despite there being no money in it.”

McPherson isn’t hesitant in encouraging and promoting newcomers and support acts, Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics and Emp!re, a very nice move from the rock sweetheart. A nostalgic celebration to the old InMe days follow with, Lava Twilight, which goes down a treat, the timid crowd erupting despite the track’s gentle nature. Dave McPherson’s unique raspy, cockney vocals cut through the gentle bass line and send us in a time warp to 8 years ago.

Content in the classic InMe cocoon the crowd start shouting out their requests to an amused Dave who humorously shouts a Gary Oldman “shadaaaap” impression followed by “of course I’m gonna play that one, do you really think I wouldn’t play that one on our 20th anniversary show, I’d be dead if I didn’t!” With that, the nostalgia and fun continued with crowd – and our – favourite of the night, InMe classic Safe In A Room. Who doesn’t remember that haunting Kerrang! throughout the 2000’s? Surprised in the energy surging from the room, the band are on top form and full flow, laughing and doing silly run-ins to each other, a nice reminder that not all bands will hate each other after so many years (of course this is the new line up.)

An anniversary show wouldn’t be a true one without a little cheesey swaying and lighters in the sky moments. Of course this is 2016, so lighters were actually phone lights, which sceptically created a lovely atmosphere for Legacy, which the band dedicated to their sadly deceased teacher that inspired them to start the band. Firefly, (joint-best track of the night with Safe In A Room) tugged at the emotional heart strings, taking us back to studio album number one, Overgrown Eden where it all began. Dave’s extensive vocal range, mixed with the burly shredding from guitarist Gary Marlow, robust drumfire from Simon Taylor and flawless smooth bass lines from Greg sets the energy bar to a new high and the mosh pit into overdrive, sending one boozy Suzy crowd surfing onto the stage.

Showing their down to earth attitude, the band announce that they “don’t do pretentious encores, we just get in with it and play until we run out of time.” Much to the delight of their fans, they have time for a few more. Recognising the rarity of 20 years success as a band and that “statistically that’s 9 years longer than most UK marriages,” the frontman dedicates their newer tracks Creation: Amethyst and Reviere: Aqaurium to their David Guetta look-a-like tour manager. Their new material has matured with them and is of a slower pace, going down like a fine wine. With a balanced finish from classic tracks Underdose and closer Faster The Chase, fans both old and new merge together.

The show was a like a live rendition of the Brentwood boys greatest hits and an all round reminder that nice guys don’t always finish last – sometimes they make awesome music and stick around for 20 years, and in the words of McPherson “here’s to 20 more!”


Written by: Charly Phillips