MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Columbus

Alternative punks Columbus are currently on the road with ROAM, having arrived from down under in support of their latest album Spring Forever. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Alex Moses to hear his stories from the road, including why he had to play a show in his underwear…

Favourite thing about touring:

One of the best things about touring is waking up in a different city every day. It’s always an amazing experience being somewhere new every day, in new cities and meeting new people.

Least favourite thing about touring:

My least favourite thing about touring is probably coming home. Touring is a pretty immersive time, where each day you have a schedule and purpose. It’s an addictive lifestyle which sometimes home can’t really compare to.

Five essentials for the road:

Toothpaste, water bottle, good music, a sleeping bag and a bottle of whiskey.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

In the van we usually will take turns playing albums, listening to some different music. I also get a lot of study done in the van, smashing out a bit of uni work on the laptop always passes the time!

The Most…

Memorable moment:

Playing Soundwave in 2015 will always be a huge memory for me. It was such an overwhelming experience playing a stage so big and being able to open up such a huge national festival for alternative music.

Hilarious moment:

Just on this current UK tour, Dan (drums) lost a game called “odds” and had to clap and applaud the pilot of the plane on his landing. He started clapping and everyone else on the plane joined in!

Embarrassing moment:

Once I called in sick to work, back when I worked at McDonalds, because I had a gig that night. I mistakenly also invited my manager to McDonalds to the gig event on facebook. It was a pretty embarrassing next shift.

Outrageous moment:

On our 2015 tour with Real Friends and With Confidence, we had a bet over a game of pool, where the loser of the game had to play the set in their underwear. I was on a team with Josh from With Confidence, against Dan (Columbus) and Brian (Real Friends). Josh sunk the white ball, and I had to play the Canberra set of tour in my underwear.

Drunken moment:

I was out seeing some bands one night in Brisbane. I brought a flask of whiskey and also got a bunch of free beers from the bands. I got smashed watching bands and ended up leaving the venue, getting put in a cab by a police officer. I don’t remember any of this, but I woke up in a taxi suburbs away from my house, and ended up having a $181 taxi bill. Went to work the next day as well.

Rewarding moment:

Every night that someone comes up to us and says their songs have helped them out, or helped them get through a difficulty in their lives, is always so rewarding.


Columbus are currently on tour with ROAM, catch them at one of their remaining dates:


Tue 22nd – NORWICH – Epic Studios
Wed 23rd – BRISTOL – Exchange
Thu 24th – LONDON – Underworld
Fri 25th – BRIGHTON – Patterns
Sat 26th – SOUTHAMPTON – Joiners
Sun 27th – DUBLIN – Fibber Magees
Mon 28th – GALWAY – Rosin Dubh (18+)
Tue 29th – BELFAST – Voodoo (18+)

The band’s latest album Spring Forever is out now on UNFD – check out their latest single Say What You Want below:

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