MUSIC INTERVIEW: We Are Carnivores

We Are Carnivores headed down to Tech-Fest 2016 without any real objective of playing a set, yet they were asked to play on the final day of the festival to make up for some line-up changes on the bill. After a performance which most certainly acquired new fans for the band, we sat down to have a chat with them.

For the unassuming listener, how would you describe your own music?

Just sweet. Everything you wanted to hear in a band. But for real though, in case someone is listening to this, it’s like math rock, older Biffy Clyro kinda stuff with a few electronic elements. We recently lost our bassist though so we said let’s make a sample track right now and see how that goes with just the three of us.

Is the energy present in your live show natural or is it a goal?

I think it’s just naturally how we show on-stage, when we first started doing shows it was always just how we ended up playing like. Now I wouldn’t be able to go up on stage and sit there, I need to put some energy into it so I enjoy it. We used to play in Hull with The Colour Line and we kinda went “woah!” at how much they have fun at their shows.

A lot of bands will just go up and be themselves and others will put on a persona as such. Do you guys feel like you fit into one of those?

Oh it’s totally ourselves. We were actually saying before going on-stage as it’s kinda the biggest show we’ve ever done really, we should just go up there, do our usual and have a good time. 100% it’s us, we just try to have a bit of a bash really but it’s definitely our own character showing through on-stage!

Both the live show and the music are obviously as important as each other, but do you feel you guys shine through in one particular area?

I think live, whenever anyone starts a band that’s what what you wanna do really, just get up on a stage and play a show. I think it used to be really important when we were going to a studio, having never recorded before and no idea how the songs sound as big as that. There’s loads of technically awesome things about the studio but I think live is where we thrive. And it rhymes too.

Any bands you guys have looked forward to seeing?

The Hirsch Effect were definitely one of them. The Parallax Method were tight, they were really good. Seething Akira absolutely nailed the afterparty on Saturday as well, wall of death across the entire room!

As a performing band, do you guys feel there is any difference in a festival gig as opposed to a festival gig?

Intimacy with the crowd is different, because sometimes you’d be more at there level but on the Tech-Fest stage you’re not and that makes the difference. The vibe here is incredibly laid back as well, it’s so chill and it’s great to hang out with bands and people alike.

Totally – cheers for the chat guys!

Interview by: Andrew Macdonald