Tech Metal


ALBUM REVIEW: The Voynich Code – Aqua Vitae

Portuguese outfit The Voynich Code have been prowling the deathcore scene with their tech/prog infused recipe for filth ridden riffs for a while now, gaining highlights such as performing at UK Tech Fest in 2015. Now, they finally present their highly anticipated debut record Aqua Vitae.

MUSIC INTERVIEW: We Are Carnivores

We Are Carnivores headed down to Tech-Fest 2016 without any real objective of playing a set, yet they were asked to play on the final day of the festival to make up for some line-up changes on the bill. After a performance which most certainly acquired new fans for the band, we sat down to have a chat with them.

EP REVIEW: Harbinger – Paroxysm

Harbinger have been quite the rising force within the tech-metal scene within the UK for a notable length of time now, whilst managing to be unchained to any of the musical presumptions that are typically served with such a feat. The London quintet have raised 5 tracks from the depths of death and tech metal to spearhead their latest release, Paroxysm.