LIFESTYLE EVENT: Stella Artois – The Time Portal, Stoke Newington

It’s holiday season and at this time of year, everyone likes to escape for a while. In our case tonight, thanks to Stella Artois and a time portal, we are getting our own trip… to Victorian England!

The journey starts in Stoke Newington in a blacked out building. Inside we are presented with a refreshing Stella and the tennis on screen. Just when we are relaxed, a rather excited gentleman who resembles Marty from Back To The Future approaches and ushers us off to reveal a secret invention, a massive Doctor Who-like time machine. A bit apprehensive, we – along with 20 others – are ushered inside. After a quick and very noisy simulation, we arrive in Victorian England for what we can only describe as a weird but wonderful (and slightly embarrassing) experience.

The interactive and immersive acting from Les Enfants Terrible exceeds expectations. Even the shyest of people are given roles, learning how to fit into this crazy world full of gypsies, Oliver Twist pick-pockets, oppressive policemen and magic shows. The third wall is well and truly demolished and even though the experience feels a little invasive, it is never uncomfortable and flows nicely. We become experts in pick-pocketing after a personalised lesson by street urchin Dodger, are broken out of jail when it all goes belly up by Fagin, and are bailed out of being stuck in Victorian England by Scrooge who buys us tickets to an important tennis match. After witnessing the first ever Wimbledon match courtside and a brief encounter with Queen Victoria, we are sent on our merry way, forward in time to a very 2016 Stella Artois bar.

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We are greeted back from our 40 minute time hop with an open bar, a DJ and a room full of time travellers. The red beret-wearing DJ puts us all in the dancing mood with new-age dance beats and cheesy classics. For those that need Dutch courage, they are given a choice of delicious Stella Cidre cocktails or simple Stella in premium chalices. Our favourite: a peach based concoction made with the newest flavour of Cidre.  A choice of experimental canapés from the ultra modern Bompas and Parr make food look like art! We dance and fill our boots with delicious food (and enough booze to make us think we are back in the time machine).

The experience was like nothing we’ve experienced before and was nothing short of a spectacle. Thank you Stella Artois for teaching us more about our English legacy with Wimbledon and of course, our new favourite beer in the sun, Stella.


Written By: Charly Phillips