We recently caught up with atmospheric hardcore outfit Thrones to chat about their latest single Winter, their influences and what else is on the cards for the promising quintet.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat to us! You released your new single Winter earlier this year, what has the response been like so far?

It’s been amazing response so far! We’re very happy with it. being featured on Kerrang! Radio and winning single of the week at Rock Sins were probably some personal highlights.

Can you tell us what the song’s about?

I can’t. I feel that lyrics are something that are very often open to interpretation, with that in mind what I’ve written about as a theme isn’t necessarily what someone else may read. I can tell you that the record as a whole is about the idea of feeling distant, almost disconnected from the world sometimes, and the determination to find a way back. I just hope that the listeners will resonate with people on a personal level.

For those who are yet to check out Thrones, what sort of thing can they expect?

If I had to break it down to 3 key elements I would say: aggression; passion; and empathy.

Who or what are your main sources of inspiration?

Musically, I’d cite a lot of influences along the lines of Underoath and Alexisonfire, but in terms of inspiration it’s all life events and how the world shapes someone that inspires me.

What do you enjoy the most, playing live or writing/recording?

I love both, more than anything. Playing live is a phenomenal feeling, it’s like a release, I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t have that in my life.

You recently toured with Values, how did it go and how did the crowd take to the new material?

It went better than we could have ever imagined, we had nothing but positivity the whole tour. The Values guys really made the experience, some of the most passionate, skilled musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

What can people expect from a Thrones show?

I want to say “expect the unexpected”…but that feels like a bit of a cliche. I’d say playing live is entertainment, it’s a performance, it’s raw, unbridled, emotional. It varies, but every time you see Thrones you see 110% passion.

Finally what are your plans for the rest of 2016?

We’ve got a lot more touring in the works and we’ve signed with Daily Dischord so it’s going to be a busy year. In between that we’re also writing for the full length LP – I know this year’s going to be a very good year for Thrones!

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us guys!

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