EP REVIEW: Best of Enemies – Sorry State

Croydon four piece Best of Enemies released their second EP Sorry State on May 5th. The four track EP runs for approximately 15 minutes and wears the influences of the quartet on its sleeve proudly.

The opening track Sorry State is a self-loathing track that sounds like Deaf Havana both lyrically and sonically. The four piece bring a familiar sound to the table, with the vocals having an uncanny resemblance to Mikey Chapman from Mallory Knox.

Way of Life follows up with a Don Broco-esque track. The mellowed out verse gives the chorus a bigger, driven overall sound. Call to Arms follows suit with a quiet-loud song structure. The drums pack a punch throughout the track, and the vocals show signs of passion in this attempt of an uplifting track.

Tired Eyes is the final track of the EP. The outro is the most intriguing part of this song, as the four piece show signs of passion and innovation as the track comes to a close.

Best of Enemies have showcased their influences throughout the four track EP, but need to take some time establishing themselves and their own sound. As the four tracks simply fly by, it isn’t unenjoyable, but you can’t help but think Deaf Havana do it better.


Standout Track: Sorry State

For Fans Of: Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox, Don Broco

Written By: Jordan Dilley