ALBUM REVIEW: Max Raptor – Max Raptor

Max Raptor have been working super hard in the past months, releasing their Damage Appreciation EP in November, it was swiftly followed by their self-titled full length. The punk quartet has gathered a solid fan base thanks to their brutally honest lyrics and fiery live shows, this release definitely didn’t let those fans down.

Opening the release is Keep The Peace, something we really doubt these guys will be doing during this release! Throwing out a racy, strong drum and guitar line combination from the onset; Max Raptor are well and truly back. Setting the theme for the release we’re given bold in your face choruses, singalong bursts (We were chanting “Keep the peace” by the end of our first listen!), bone shattering drum lines and intricate guitar riffs. We’re hooked.

The release features three tracks which are likely to sound familiar to fans due to them either being on the Damage Appreciation EP or released as singles. These come in the form of Old Romantics, Damage Appreciation and Big Divide, each flaunting the unique Max Raptor edge. Vocalist Wil Ray has a voice which for some might come across a little scary at times, with his gutsy vocals transforming to match the tone of each track. Old Romantics from the start to the end is packed to the rafters with hooks, leaving you unable to tear yourself away as you’ll tap along to the melodies. Whilst Big Divide is a slower yet equally as punk infused track which at times feels a little rough around the edges, but that’s what sets these guys apart from others on the scene right now. We love a little variation and Max Raptor excel in giving this to us as Damage Appreciation emphasises on the lyrical element of the band. Unafraid to let loose about issues which are happening in the world from needing to take risks to the state of our country as a whole, its punk done properly without sugarcoating anything.

There’s no slowing down as Torch Led slams into action, chaotic, crazy and aggressive it features the most infectious guitar lines on the release with a chorus you can just mentally visualise a moshpit erupting at one of their crazy live shows during this track. What’s clear with Max Raptor is that each track on every release is thought out, engaged with what they believe in and full of heart with every note played.

Great Discovery steals the show as the strongest track on the release, packing a punch into the three and a half minute track. We have the bold singalong chorus, hypnotic guitar lines, which for real make us feel a little trippy, mahooossiivee drops throwing you from slow to a slap in the face tempo. Honestly, we feel a little exhausted as this track winds up! With this release showing the band reaching new levels of their music talents, it’s up to Last Words to keep up the momentum and end on a euphoric high. Thankfully it does just this, feeling like you’ve been punched in the face with the musical power, it falls into the category of one of those tracks which you just feel a little angrier listening to. But not a good angry, an angry which you just want to get up and go to a live show to release said anger from.

Whenever we find out this Burton-On-Trent outfit are releasing new material, we immediately set high hopes for what to expect from it and this quartet never lets us down. This self-titled effort will no doubt see people getting on board with undeniable the best British punk rock band on the scene right now. There’s energy, singalong choruses and a sense of chaos throughout, we mean what’s not to love about that?


For Fans Of: The Bronx, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Enter Shikari

Standout Tracks: Great Discovery, Old Romantics

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar