MUSIC NEWS: Alex Green To Endure 24 Hour Stand Against Addiction In London

Alex Green (former frontman of Attention Thieves and The Arusha Accord) will attempt to stand in the same spot for 24 hours this weekend, in order to raise awareness of addiction and mental health.

Head down to Piccadilly Circus this Saturday (23rd April) from 12pm to support the singer/songwriter, who will also be filmed for the entire stretch. The footage will be time-lapsed to create a music video for his new single Travelled Far, the profits from which will be donated to charity.

He comments:

“I’m apprehensive, slightly nervous but excited to do this stunt. It is going to be hard and uncomfortable to starve/dehydrate myself to make this happen, but it’s for a worthwhile cause and I know it’s completely crazy – maybe I am a bit too!

As well as the video being for a good cause I see it as art. I wanted to visually capture the suffering that I am singing about in the song and I didn’t want to be another artist with a girl in a music video. I know that I will be going through many mental battles with myself to make it through to 24 hours, but I will try to remember that it isn’t half as bad as the problems that people around the world are suffering from mental health and addiction, which is something I have suffered with for a big part of my life.”

Alex will also be helping to promote a brand new addiction website/app called Rehub, which offers a free support network for addicts and those in recover.

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