EP REVIEW: Chisel Beeches – In A Week, On A Whim

It’s likely you won’t know of Chisel Beeches, because if we’re honest neither did we as the internet is seriously lacking in information about this Surrey quartet. But one thing we did manage to find out is that April sees the release of their debut mini-album In A Week, On A Whim.

Opening track Take You Home has an accompanying video for it which makes this hectic, heavy track come to life a little more. Vocalist Steve sings of being that designated driver on a night out when everyone – including your lady friend – is hammered and spilling more than just their drinks in the car…With Matt providing a heavier vocal style this breaks the track up perfectly from the bouncy guitar lines and driving drum lines. There’s something about this track that draws you in, the overpowering vocals laced with emotions actually makes you begin to think about the situation.. It’s a more than promising start from the quartet and continues with Bloke Next Door. Taking the tempo down a notch, there’s still a foot-tapping infectious backline that gets under your skin, causing you to have a little dance along to the track.

Where Chisel Beeches excel is in their lyrics, as they’re constantly telling stories: from the abusive neighbour showing that “behind closed doors there’s a different story on the walls” which we never really see. Instead of making this heavy based lyric matter really intense on the ears and a bit too dark, the band have created a positive, anthemic edged track. The guitar work in the latter part of this track is intricate and precise, flaunting a well thought out formation when recording. There’s something about Chisel Beeches which makes us want to come back for more, but we can’t put our finger on what it is yet.

You Are Your Friends is sassy, sultry and strong on all levels. There’s a sense of urgent madness at points during this track which we absolutely love. Yes, the guitar work might not be the most original that we’ve heard on a release, but by bringing in stuttering lines our attention gets hooked again. Closing track You’re Boring could either be a sign that we’re going to be skipping this track as quick as possible, or that we’re being tricked into expecting it to be boring. We can infact confirm that it’s the latter, as we’re met with an onslaught of fast paced guitar lines and solid drumlines. Steve, throughout this release, has provided an eclectic range of vocals, reaching notes on all different ranges in order to suit the lyrical track matter, which helps make this such a solid attempt. Lyrics such as “It’s not that you’re boring just boring in bed” make us really glad that this track isn’t about us, as at times it’s brutal.

This release might not be breaking new musical ground, but it’s clear to see that Chisel Beeches have a solid sound already and have delivered a release of live and radio friendly tracks; two traits that, in this already bustling genre, are vital to be able to succeed in the long term. With a little bit of smoothing around the edges this quartet have a whole lot of potential, because lyrically some of these are genius. We take our hats off to Chisel Beeches: song writing done properly and – despite the name of the release – we definitely can tell this hasn’t been done on a whim. Thought, time and care has all been put into carving this solid effort.


Standout Tracks: Take You Home, Bloke Next Door

For Fans Of: Canterbury, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar