ALBUM REVIEW: Normandie – Inguz

Who the hell are Normandie? A band with a rapidly growing following, the Bring Me The Horizon comparisons have come in thick and fast. A lot of the time they sound better than the bands they’re lumped in with, so why aren’t they the ones selling out the O2 Arena?

Maybe their haircuts aren’t cool enough? Nope, a quick Google confirms they definitely fit the mould. More importantly, their new album Inguz is bloody brilliant so if you like your rock or emo with equal parts metal and pop music thrown in, you’ve gotta have a listen.

Fight claps in to action and kicks the album in to touch with a dominating chorus. Alongside spattered synths and sparingly-placed screaming, it’s a powerhouse of an opener and a protest song a lot of alternative music fans will cling on to. Cymbals and violins are the order of the day for Awakening, a song that steers away from the band’s metalcore influences and right into some harmless pop rock.

Collide starts with the distorted vocals that rap artists like to use a lot mixed with twinkling guitars, followed by a brilliantly constructed alternative pop song. It has the soaring vocals and catchy melodies of 30 Seconds To Mars and outshines the majority of so-called anthemic rock bands of the moment. Believe is just as good.

With a confusingly out of place intro, Loop Hole turns into a thrashing cacophony of racing guitars, double kick drums, synths and emotive vocals. Together, it’s like sweet and salty mixed together: there’s no way it should work but my God it does.

Deep Cold takes on another different sound. With each song, the band sounds like another version of themselves, but just as good regardless of the angle they’re taking. As good at radio-friendly rock anthems as they are at electronics and heavier components, it’s the perfect music for anyone not looking to commit to one genre.

We’re not sure where it came from, but Starting New is a contrasting, irresistible pop punk track. A sunny break in an otherwise darker album, it’s a refreshing if unexpected hit. The Storm, however, as is dark by name, dark by nature, with growling vocals and purposeful drums.

Epilogue is a stadium-filling album closer. It’s transcendent, loud, and its minor notes hit you right in the feels. A near perfect way to finish off the album, the band should be seeing their name in lights soon enough.

The Swedish quartet are set for world domination if they keep releasing albums like this. From the opening bars to the grand finale, it’s jaw-dropping.


Standout Tracks: Fight, Collide, Epilogue

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, 30 Seconds To Mars

Written By: Kathryn Black

A sleepy English Literature graduate and a strongly opinionated fan of all things pop-punk.