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ALBUM REVIEW: Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

It’s certainly impressive that some of alternative music’s finest pioneers are on their seventh album. Unfortunately, 2016 is full of some tough competition and Tidal Wave is easily ignorable for some newer names; if you’re already a fan, you’re not going to find a new favourite TBS song here.

EP REVIEW: Breathe In The Silence – ‘Hold My Heart’

Somewhat of an ode to other British bands of the same genre, Breathe In The Silence’s Hold My Heart navigates its way through the stylings of your favourite pop rock names with undeniable ease. There’s nothing wrong with the second EP from the group but each song’s uncanny similarity to well-known names that have come beforehand is in itself a flaw. There’s nothing unique to be heard, but does it really matter? That’s up to you, and there's some cracking post-hardcore elements to be found here too.

EP REVIEW: As Sirens Fall – The Hospital Party

What a fantastic EP. Halfway between pop party belters and headbang worthy alternative anthems, As Sirens Fall’s debut EP The Hospital Party is a near faultless five tracks of upbeat melodies, pop-punk tendencies and powerful, anthemic choruses.

ALBUM REVIEW: Hit The Lights – Just To Get Through To You

Things aren’t great at the moment; you only have to turn on your TV or look at your Twitter feed to see that (eugh). So what better way to make ourselves feel better than a listen to an acoustic EP from a band from our younger years? Hit The Lights’ latest release Just To Get Through To You is an uplifting six track treat, perfect for reminiscing about the days you made your carefree memories – when the sun actually shone in the summer! – but with an observant, realistic edge.

EP REVIEW: Banshee – Say My Name

Back with a new name and a short but strong EP, it’s Banshee: a rebranded, female-fronted alternative band with a promising future on some heavier festival stages.

ALBUM REVIEW: Normandie – Inguz

Already compared to Bring Me The Horizon and 30 Seconds To Mars, Normandie prove they're just as good (if not better) than the big guns of alternative music. New album 'Inguz' is packed with songs with the ideal mix of light and shade: hit after hit after hit.