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LIVE REVIEW: Oh Wonder, SWG3, Glasgow, 03/03/2020

One about the nice things of the 21st century is that pop music isn’t a dirty word anymore. Pop is cool and when Oh Wonder played SWG3 in Glasgow recently we were there to see one of the coolest pop bands around in action.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Code Orange – Underneath

Following the absolute monster that their previous record 'Forever' became, Grammy nomination and all, could prove to be a tall order for most, the weight of expectation crushing them like an ant underneath boot. Have Pittsburgh’s finest proven themselves up to the task?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Hot Mulligan – you’ll be fine

Packed full of hooks, singalongs and one of the best pop-punk tracks you’ll hear for a long time, Hot Mulligan's latest release 'you’ll be fine' is a great record and is absolutely perfect for the coming summer months.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Orchards – Lovecore

When done absolutely perfectly, a good pop bop can melt anyone's heart, and get them moving to the beat, from the most grizzled of metalheads to the stuffiest of connoisseurs. Getting that formula right is an art in itself, but with their debut album 'Lovecore', Brighton alt-pop band Orchards make it look almost easy.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Four Year Strong – Brain Pain

It’s hard to believe the career trajectory Four Year Strong would have in the years following the iconic releases of 'Rise or Die Trying' and 'Enemy of the World', but the lacklustre response to 'In Some Way, Shape, or Form', and the all but ignored self-titled album in 2015, sees the pop-punk veterans looking to re-state their claim on what many thought should be their undisputed crown with sixth studio album, 'Brain Pain'.
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