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The enigmatic hardcore collective return with their third album, following up the brilliant 'ONLY LOVE' from 2018. This time, they have even revealed who is actually playing on the record….or have they? Having officially stepped out of the shadows, do they deliver another boundary pushing release with 'ULTRAPOP'?

ALBUM REVIEW: Gideon – Out Of Control

Alabama hardcore quartet Gideon decide to party like its 1999, with a new album that goes for a paddle in the nu-metal end of the musical swimming pool. Does this new direction herald bigger things for the band?

ALBUM REVIEW: Palm Reader – Braille

The workhorses that are Palm Reader are back with their third full length album, looking to build upon the already firm foundations that they have made from themselves in British heavy music. ‘Braille’ looks to be the perfect record for a metal/hardcore fan who is looking for something with a little more depth and thought involved, and Palm Reader have more of that than most of the other acts in the game right now.

ALBUM REVIEW: Earth Moves – The Truth in Our Bodies

It's always heartening to hear new music that's completely original, a blend of existing styles put together beautifully in a way that doesn't sound quite like any of them. Brighton's Earth Moves, on their debut LP 'The Truth in Our Bodies', have done just that.

ALBUM REVIEW: Masts – Adversaries

Following the Palindromes EP in 2013, post-hardcore outfit Masts return to release their debut album Adversaries. The Cardiff based four piece return with a slicker mix of their melodic pop-punk and hardcore instrumentation.

EP REVIEW: BAILER – Shaped by the Landscape

What's most surprising Irish metallic hardcore sorts BAILER is that they've only been a band for the better part of the year. This is surprising because of how talented, polished and accomplished Shaped by the Landscape, the band's debut EP, sounds.

EP REVIEW: The Colour Line – The Long Awaited Seal of Disapproval

Yorkshire’s technical hardcore outfit The Colour Line have released their eagerly anticipated EP The Long Awaited Seal of Disapproval. The record is 5 frantic tracks with a running time of 14 minutes. Whilst they’ve built a credible reputation with their live performances, this release would suggest they have a lot to offer, but a lot to learn.
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