ALBUM REVIEW: The Black Queen – Infinite Games

The Black Queen’s debut, 'Fever Daydream', was one of the unexpected highlights of 2016. Nobody expected the vocalist of Dillinger Escape Plan, the mastermind behind Telefon Tel Aviv and their friend Steven Alexander to turn in a sultry, danceable and engrossing electronic record bursting with floor fillers. But they did. Now in 2018, the band return with their latest offering 'Infinite Games' and much like their debut, this record deserves your attention.

MUSIC FEATURE: The Importance Of Trivium’s Passion To Share Great Music With Their Fans

For years now Trivium have been proudly supporting bands they love, vocalising their support on stage, through interviews and on their shirts. Your first loves always inform your future loves, and the best gateway should bands do the same. Their current tour package of Code Orange, Power Trip and Venom Prison is just the latest example of Trivium’s desire to share great music with their fans. Not only that though, it’s a bold statement of confidence from a band so deep into their career that they would risk bringing bands on the brink of their peak to open for them without fear.
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