MUSIC NEWS: New Years Day Announce Album Details & Release New Single ‘Secrets’

New Years Day have announced their new album Half Black Heart is set for release on 1st March 2024.

One of the reasons why Half Black Heart is so special is because we were able to reunite with our original lineup. By adding Jeremy Valentyne, Brandon Wolfe and Trixx to the mix, we tapped into the original sound that initially defined NEW YEARS DAY. It allowed it to evolve into an authentic representation of who we are today,” comments vocalist Ash Costello. “The title Half Black Heart visually symbolizes the essence of our band. It represents the duality that has always been a part of us – half red, half black; half heavy, half poppy; half dark, half fun, half metal and half rock. We have always embraced our unique identity, but with this album, we truly harnessed the fearlessness that NEW YEARS DAY embodies and translated it into our music.

Alongside the album announcement, the band have released their new single Secrets.

Discussing the single, Costello adds, “’Secrets’ is about something I feel we have all been through at some point. With this song, I started by confronting myself with the question, “What is truly disturbing me right now?”. The answer that echoed in my mind was simple yet profound: secrets. We’ve all experienced that unsettling sensation when we sense that someone close to us is concealing something. It’s an intuitive feeling that gnaws at our core, leaving us with a sinking sensation in our stomachs. The weight of these hidden truths can be enough to bury you. This song serves as a realization that enough is enough.

Like what you hear? Half Black Heart is available to pre-order HERE.

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